Hello I’m Lisa from Johor, Malaysia.

Shang Philosophy’s creative aesthetics is named after the founder Lisa Boo, which contains her beauty aesthetics, that is, she hopes that every student and customer can create their own unique personality, improve self-confidence, and bloom life motivation and have a wonderful life.

Lisa Boo was encouraged by friends to join the beauty industry at the age of 20. She loves beautiful things and made a wish early on to become a beauty instructor. In order to fulfill her dream, after serving in the frontline for a few years, she opened the first beauty academy jointly with her friends in Klang, Selangor between 2007 and 2008. Two years later, when her mother retired from a neighboring country, she decided to move to South Malaysia to lay the foundation of her career in her hometown of Johor Bahru.

From 2008 to 2009, she established a joint venture with a friend to open the Professional Skill Training Centre (PSTC), and then the friend split up the co-op, and she moved the beauty training center from Johor Bahru Lily Garden to Ulu Tiram as a sole proprietorship, cooperating with Malaysian human resources The Development Bureau launched the Two-Way Training Scheme (SLDN), which has gradually emerged in the field of beauty education, and the number of students has surged.

During this period, she was eager to learn, and she also set strict requirements on herself, strengthened her ability in training and obtained the national qualified tutor certification. She loves learning and has also obtained the certification of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) executive and sound therapist, and is committed to providing better training and counseling services to the public.

She has also been employed by international MLM and direct selling companies as a beauty instructor and coaching program on sales strategies. At the same time, she has also managed marketing strategies and provided internal training for internationally renowned beauty brands.

Along the way, she has a deeper understanding and experience of practical technologies such as beauty and body product research and development, marketing, beautician and customer psychology, and sales skills. Numerous professional beauty professionals who are aspiring to the beauty industry have been nurtured.

In order to provide a platform for professional beauty and body therapists to serve customers, Shang Philosophy Creative Aesthetics was born in 2019 and began to invest in beauty services for the public. Following her goals and working hard, she pursued her dreams without forgetting her original aspirations. She showed her persistence in “Shang” for herself, her students and every customer, and hoped that everyone around her could achieve success through “aesthetics”. own beautiful life.


Education and awards

Award Presentation / Recognition


Top 100 Training Provider Entrepreneurs Award
Universal Entrepreneur Magazine Spirit Of Entrepreneur Award
SME Selatan Johor Life Member
Kiwanis Johor , Taman Mount Austin Member


Appointed of Department of Skills Development   


Pakar Industri Negara ( Pengajar )
Pegawai Penilai Pengiktirafan Pencapaian
Terdahulu ( PP-PPT ) SKM
Pegawai Pengesah Luaran (PPL) Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia

Shang philosophy


Provide the most superior learning environment and vocational training Explore career opportunities for entrepreneurship
Support to create a better life prospect


To assist community in the promotion of vocational certificate and upgrade of vocational skills education while helping youth to learn integrated skill.


Integrity as a basic principle. With reasonable costs, we help more people improve their skills without increasing their burden.

Quality & Commitment

To build a vocational education platform for beauty majors to obtain certification, starts their career direction and improve skills sustainable, and meet the lifelong learning goals.

Our Expertise & Services

We have two cosmetology vocational training center & academy and beauty brand stronghold lead the pioneer of cosmetology education and salon service. We’ll support the cultivation of all aspects of professional personnel and promote the career development.

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Founder & Director of Shang Philosophy & Professional Skill Training Centre


Lisa Boo